Just how to Introduce your self in Spanish in 10 Lines (SOUND)

Just how to Introduce your self in Spanish in 10 Lines (SOUND)

Would you like to speak Spanish? Yes? Good – read on. That is for people who really wish to discover the language. Here’s the method that you introduce your self in Spanish in 10 simple lines… and this may just just simply take you two to three mins or less. With this specific course…

  • You will get the Spanish expressions and translations.
  • Read out to rehearse your speaking.
  • Go ahead and print this sheet away for additional review.

Here’s the method that you introduce yourself in Spanish. Let’s go.

1) My name is _ that is___.

This is certainly easy. To state name that is“my” in Spanish, you simply require the word “ Mi nombre es. ” Then state your title. Therefore, keep me personally a remark below and include your title. That’ll be your introduction!

  • Mi es that are nombre___.
  • I am _ that is___.

Because of the real way, you’ll would also like to know Spanish while you read this. Therefore, always check this FREE out Spanish sound Lesson by SpanishPod101.com. Press play below.

2) Hello, It’s good to generally meet you.

Hi and sweet to satisfy you in Spanish are really a phrases that are must-know. And any introduction will will probably make use of these terms.

  • Hola, es un placer conocerte.

3) I have always been from ______.

Therefore, where are you currently from? America? European Countries? Africa? Asia? Just stick the true name of the nation inside this expression. We’ll utilize Mexico for instance.

4) we live in ______.

Just what about now – where would you live? Simply fill into the blank utilizing the nation or town (if famous) into this expression. I’ll utilize Mexico City as one example since We utilized Mexico into the expression prior to.

  • Yo vivo en la Ciudad de Mexico.
  • We reside in Mexico City

5) I’ve been Spanish that is learning for___.

Just how long are you currently Spanish that is learning for? Four weeks? Per year?

  • He estado aprendiendo espanol por un ano.
  • I’ve been learning Spanish for a 12 months.

6) I’m learning Spanish at _____.

Where are you currently learning Spanish? In school? In the home? This could be a line that is great understand and employ whenever you’re launching yourself. Here’s my instance:

  • Estoy aprendiendo espanol en SpanishPod101.com.
  • I’m learning Spanish at SpanishPod101.com.

7) I have always been ____ years old.

Here’s how exactly to state your age in Spanish. You’ll need to find out numbers that are spanish that are not that hard, with this.

  • Tengo 27 anos de edad.
  • I’m 27 yrs. Old.

8) I am ______.

How about your role? Will you be a pupil? Yoga teacher? Lawyer when it comes to potato industry? Potato salesman? Super question that sites like chatroulette is important individuals prefer to ask (and judge you about – Hey, I’m merely a writer! ). Simply utilize meaning that is“soy” and include your situation.

9) certainly one of my hobbies is _____.

Now, let’s move onto personal interests – hobbies! My hobbies are languages, linguajunkieing and such. Think about you? You’ll positively require this relative line whenever presenting your self in Spanish.

Here’s an illustration to utilize:

  • Uno de mis pasatiempos es leer.
  • One of my hobbies is reading.

10) i love hearing music.

Now, this really is merely another example line regarding the hobbies. You should use something different where.

  • Me gusta escuchar musica.
  • I like playing music.

Therefore now you learn how to introduce your self in Spanish in 10 lines. I’m certain there’s quite a bit more you’ll state – but this will be an simple, easy begin that any novice can place to make use of. It is exactly about beginning easy.

See yourself below if you can introduce. Keep me personally a remark.


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